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 Planet Organic Westbourne Grove

(1st Saturday of the month – 10AM)

  • 02/02/19: Uncooked cookies bite

    02/03/19: Flo’s vegetable couscous

    06/04/19: Homemade rainbow pasta (Natural colorants)

    04/05/19: Tiramisu class

    01/06/19: Spirulized noodles

    06/07/19: Italian flavours: Bruschetta


Planet Organic Muswell Hill

(2nd Saturday of the month – 10AM)

  • 12/01/19: Spring rolls

    09/02/19: Uncooked cookies bite

    09/03/19: Flo’s vegetable couscous

    13/04/19: Homemade rainbow pasta (Natural colorants)

    11/05/19: Tiramisu class

    08/06/19: Spirulized noodles

    13/07/19: Italian flavours: Bruschetta


Planet Organic Wandsworth

(3rd Saturday of the month – 10AM)

  • 19/01/19: Spring rolls

    16/02/19: Uncooked cookies bite

    16/03/19: Flo’s vegetable couscous

    20/04/19: Homemade rainbow pasta (Natural colorants)

    18/05/19: Tiramisu class

    15/06/19: Spirulized noodles

    20/07/19: Italian flavours: Bruschetta


As nature intended 

 (3rd Sunday of the month – 11AM)

  • 20/01/19: Spring rolls and makis

    17/02/19: Raw baking class

    17/03/19: Vegetable couscous

    14/04/19: Sushi class

    19/05/19: Tiramisu class

    16/06/19: Homemade spaghetti

    21/07/19: Bruschetta workshop


Mini Chefs classes 

 (every Tuesday  – 10AM – SW1)

Join our family friendly kitchen with your Mini Chefs from 20 months.

The best way for them to discover healthy food with seasonal fruits, vegetables, aromatic herbs and spices with a different menu every week.

They will taste, learn and can be messy. We provide absolutely everything from the aprons, to the ingredients, take-home bags.


Splash2 Join our Cooking Academy Splash2

Do you need a new idea to keep your children busy after school?
What do you think about Kids en cuisine Cooking Academy at your place? 

We come at yours:

 With a different menu every week,

 We cook the dinner together with your children and their friends,

 We provide ingredients, kitchen utensils, aprons, Chef hats,

 They discover a healthy and tasty food,

They improve kitchen skills


* Price suitable per child when it is a group of 4 children minimum for at least 8 weeks.

Booking at: or 02030152966