Healthy baking

« My girl loves cooking with Florence which is amazing as before taking classes with her, she had no interest in it.
It’s easy to see why as she creates such a fun and friendly environment and the food they make is really tasty! »

Vegetable and chocolate muffins :

This atelier was thought to learn about dosing out ingredients and mix them together to make a delicious cakes by adding vegetables.
Your children will use various ingredients, vegetables, fruits and moulds shapes. This cooking class is really adapted to young children, easy for them to follow the recipe and to enjoy it.


Vegan chocolate muffins :

We designed this recipe for your little chefs and be sure that they discover the joy of healthy baking without eggs or milk.  A good way to enjoy a vegan cake.


Gluten free cakes :

We designed this recipe for your little chefs with gluten intolerance or allergy.


    • 1 hour cooking class for 3 years old kids and over at £40 per child
    • Workshop for a minimum of 4 children.
    • Workshop suitable for birthday parties.


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