Smoothie party

Cercle3 Smoothie/Green juices:

A discovering atelier with juicy fruits and tasty vegetables.
Children love seeing the juice pouring in their glasses. They can taste and mix a lot of vegetables and fruits to discover new flavours. They love this cooking class.
  • 45 min atelier for 3 years old kids and over at £150/group.
  • Workshop suitable for 4 children. £25 for every extra child.
  • Suitable for a birthday party.




One mum said…
« My daughter loves Flo’s cooking sessions. She has been to a smoothie and ice-cream making birthday party as well as vegetable tasting and biscuit making sessions at her nursery. Flo comes fully prepared with all the food and equipment, and lets all the children be completely hands-on and involved. They are great value for a fun, well-planned event. »
Julia – Eliza’s mother