Who am I?


Originally from the south-west of France (Toulouse), I grew up in a family where cooking was the center of everything. I spent many hours with my mom cooking traditional dishes that come from different regions of France. This allowed me to develop a taste for cooking and to know the benefits of it when it is balanced and healthy.
Several years after living in different regions of France and different countries, I finally decided to settle in London. I, in my turn, became a mother and it is with pleasure that I pass down the joys of cooking to my son.
So quite naturally, I chose to abandon the “life in an office” to devote myself to my two passions: children and cooking.
Today, I want to teach them how to cook healthy and balanced food while having fun. Our kids love to explore, discover new worlds, taste, test new flavors and to have fun with their friends. With Kids en cuisine your children will prepare healthy meals in an educational and a methodical manner all while having a good time. Nothing is more natural and easy than learning new knowledge and skills while having fun and discovering products, scents and various stuff.


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