Who am I?



  • What set you on the path of your chosen career?
I founded Kids en cuisine after being a mum. I am passionate in healthy and tasty food and children. So I decided to quit “the life in an office” as a Human Resource Manager in to devote myself to my passions. To be honest it is my best decision ever. I have now various teachers/chefs working for Kids en cuisine so it is a new challenge that I have to manage


  • What makes your cookery classes different/special?
With Kids en cuisine, I believe in the importance of learning the benefits of a healthy balanced diet from a very early age. That’s why I offer cooking classes focused on fruits and vegetables, natural and organic ingredients, aromatic herbs and spices. Depending on the ages of the children but we make the classes educational and fun by listening music, dancing, joking and finding tips to help them to peel, cut and getting confident in the kitchen.


  • What can parents and children expect from your classes?
The classes will allow your children to use various cooking items and help them to develop their fine motor skills. They will try new flavors, textures, and learn through entertainment. For the small Chefs (2-5 years old), the recipe is explained step by step by talking slowly and showing the right movement.
I decided to organize cooking sessions in parents ‘house for a fun playdate or during a cooking birthday party because I am a mum and I realized that it is easy to find activities for kids but sometimes it is tricky to go outside with them, take the transports for finally have fun for 1H!! With Kids en cuisine we go to yours and we provide everything for the cooking classes: Ingredients, utensils, goodies bags, aprons, chef hats and the most important FUN. But after 4 years running this business, I am developing more partnerships with stores as Whole Food Market, Planet Organic, As nature intended. I start having quite a lot of afternoon cookery clubs in the schools and nurseries all around London which help our mini Chefs to discover healthy food and the way how to cook every week savory dishes or have healthy baking. I try to bring a piece of my country in my recipes and get a French touch or a Flo touch in them.


  • What’s the most popular workshop that you run?
Definitely the homemade fresh pasta and the chocolate-courgette muffins. Children mix different ingredients and they are all the time amazed to add courgettes and realized that the cakes are really yummy.
With the pasta, they love seeing that with flour, eggs and water we can get spaghetti just after 1H. They are impressed and really proud of them. It is the most important for me



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