Cooking workshops

In the comfort of your home, we bring everything needed for cooking with your little chefs.

Kids En Cuisine provides cooking classes focused on healthy food with fresh vegetables, fruits, aromatic herbs and spices. And to be sure that everything will be fun, healthy and educative we provide aprons, chef hats, ingredients, kitchen utensils, containers, take-home bags and leave your kitchen spotless.

You can either join us during the weekend with one of our partnerships at Planet Organic. You also have the possibility to book our cooking academy, birthday parties and holidays workshops.

We booked our two boys in a cooking session as Kids en Cuisine came highly recommended by friends. Not only did the boys enjoy themselves and take great pride in talking about and showing their creations, the atmosphere and experience encouraged them to eat fruit which they have always refused at home. Thank you, Flo! We will be eating lots of berries this summer.
Leo and Felix’s mum