Fresh pasta


Do your kids love pastas? What a great way for them create their own fresh pasta and enjoy it even more! They will cook the pasta dough and then make their own spaghetti with a delicious bolognese sauce with meat balls.


Macaroni Cheese

Mac and cheese is so popular with our children. We cook their favourite dish using high quality ingredients. 



Preparing raviolis from A to Z. Your kids will discover the pleasure of tasting delicious ravioli. They will prepare the dough, the garnish to fill them and be really proud of them as they polish them off!


Vegetable Lasagne

What a great idea to make their own lasagne by making the dough and cook the vegetables. They will cook the pasta dough, slice the vegetables and make their own bechamel and tomato sauce.


From £55 per child

with a minimum spend of £220

1 hour cooking class for 6 years old kids and over.

We won a voucher Kids en cuisine at our school fair. Florence was absolutely amazing from the start as we needed to change the date,address etc..Flo arrived early to have enough time to get everything set up and she was very professional.We booked the workshop for 3 children( age 9 and 6) and they loved it.They learned how to cook pasta and meatballs from scratch in a very entertaining way.Our children had lots of fun and they really enjoyed the food they cooked.Flo was very nice,friendly and she left the kitchen neat and tidy. We will definitely use her again and we would recommend her to our friends. Great workshop! We were very impressed! Thank you very much to Kids en cuisine for giving our kids such a memorable event.
Kamila Blackborn
Marek's mother