Private cooking classes

In the comfort of your home, we bring everything needed for cooking with your children.

Kids En Cuisine provides aprons, chef hats, high quality ingredients (organic), kitchen utensils, containers, take-home bags and leave your kitchen spotless.

Contact us if you want to keep your children busy for a day or organize a cooking play date  with their friends. 

Private classes are designed for “one-off” cooking classes during the weekends or holidays for your children and their friends if they want to join us. You will have a choice of workshops between French baking, healthy baking, fresh pasta and pizza.

An additional cost of 25% will be added for cooking with Florence. 

Choose your class

Your little Chefs will cook a really tasty French biscuit that you can eat at any time of the day

This cooking class is really adapted to young children, easy for them to follow the recipe and to enjoy it.

Do your kids love pastas? What a great idea to make them realize their own fresh pastas!